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San Jose – Silicon Valley – San Franciso

Video Studio Rental

Looking for a flexible video studio rental?


ICV Digital Media’s video studio rental is a flexible San Jose – Silicon Valley – San Francisco Bay Area video production studio sound stage designed by people that shoot video. It’s easy to get to from any location in the Bay Area with plenty of free parking.

Affordable, flexible and spacious with a roll-up door for load-in and even vehicle access to the stage. Perfect for video, film shoots, photo shoots or sound/performance recording.

The 2500 sq. ft. 3–wall cyclorama stage is seamless for keyed shots, and large enough to accommodate full room sets, even vehicles and tracking jib crane shots. Abundant power, dozens of lighting options and a full store of HD production support gear and cameras are available. We offer full lighting kits with a wide range of fixtures as well as complete HD camera systems like our Panasonic AK-HC3800 Fiber Cameras, HD video switchers such as our Panasonic AV Hs450 in our Flypacks or the compact HS50 HD SDI Switchers, and, access to our 3 Premier Pro / Final Cut Edit Suites. 



Our Video Studio Rental comes with Panasonic HC 3800 Fiber Cameras, Canon C-500 cameras w/ Canon Cine Prime Lenses, HPX 3100 and HPX 500 HD-SDI Cameras. Odyssey 7Q+ Monitors, Vinten Tripods. Spider Pods, Panasonic HS450 and HS50 HD SDI Switchers. Ki-Pro Ultra and Mini Recorders.



Mobile video studio rental production racks with NewTek 460 Tricasters and Mini TriCasters in our HD SDI or FIBER flypacks. Large and small flypacks with Panasonic switchers, Folsom Image Pro HD, AJA FS2,  Blackmagic VideoHub studio router & Shure Audio with Clearcom.



Kino Flo Diva kits. LED Light Panels. ARRI L7, Tungsten 1K and 2k fixtures. Chimeras. Mathews HD DC and DC Video Sliders. Odyssey, Flanders Monitors, Black Magic and Leader monitors. Spider Pods, Ki-Pro recorders.

White Studio

$1100 per day

Dry Studio – White Paint
Up to 10 Hours


Green Screen

$1400 and up per day

With 12′ green vinyl rollup.
Ask about full 3 wall/floor cyc paint

Up to 10 Hours

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