Final Cut Pro HD edit suite at ICV Digital Media

The impact of a well conceived video project is really created in the editing suite. And only after the video production is complete and all the footage has been shot and loaded. It’s not just a matter of carefully choosing the best sequences and then sliding the “best shots” together and hitting "Render". It’s understanding exactly how the elements should be laid out on the timeline, the split-second timing of a transition from one scene to the next, the tempo, and a host of other technical skills that make the critical difference between a piece that’s only “OK” and one that really looks great.

At ICVDM our editors use our 3 HD video editing suites outfitted with the finest Final Cut HD editing tools to build the right music bed, cut the narrative, add motion graphics and create the open and close that will make the piece sing, ... We have a minimum of 8 Terabytes of NAS storage available, so long-form work has a place to live during those lengthy edit sessions.
When you agree that we have it just right, we can output for video streaming on the Web, on DVD, videotape or on CD-ROM. We'll integrate video, graphics and web design content into a targeted multi-faceted campaign that can be re-purposed and easily updated using a CMS and distributed across all media.

Our Pleasanton video editing suites are also a favorite post-production editing resource for SF Bay Area video producers and the San Jose video community.

Producers: Need something edited in a hurry? Bring your project in for a free consultation! We have an extensive stock music library, can record Voiceover and narration in our Audio Booth using one of our many recommended voice talent artists. We create custom sound effects and record live music in our studio.