ICV Digital Media was founded in 1989 by Dave, Darren and James. 3 guys that thought they could do it better than the video production company they were all working for. Over the years, ICV has grown. But we remain focused on providing personalized attention to every client and their projects. And thanks to the talented people that have become the ICV family, it's worked out great. You won't find "Bios" of us here. Or pictures of us doing "Cool" things. We just aren't like that. Well we might be "Cool" but, if you want to know us, work with us. We've never felt that some posed pics would convince someone of our work ethic or skills.

Since the beginning, we’ve used state-of-the-art technology and innovative design concepts to create compelling videos, effective websites and exciting digital media. Our ability to go anywhere in the world on a moments notice and produce webcast events and web portals with 100% confidence has gained us the trust of our clients. Because we refuse to be pushed into a niche, ICV has evolved into a unique full-service interactive media studio offering video production, webcasting and web development. We use all of those skills to help our clients market and develop their online strategies. From our company built and owned interactive media studio in Pleasanton, CA we serve the San Francisco Bay Area, San Jose, Silicon Valley and beyond.

In 1999 we designed and built our Studio here and moved out of our small rented space. The Pleasanton Web Design and video studio was designed to be an open and spacious 8500 sq. ft office / studio that had to work for us. We have open offices, lots of creative space and something most video production companies do NOT have "in-house"; our own 2500 sq. ft. Video Production Studio Sound Stage. Our full Cyc walls and Lighting Grid make green screen compositing easy. San Francisco video production companies, and San Jose video producers use our video studio for their productions. When they're in the San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles video production companies, advertising agencies and producers use our video studio, audio booth, High Definition HDX900 video cameras, Final Cut Pro editing services and web design / graphics / animation staff to complete their projects.

Our true niche
is our skill and experience in integrating streaming video and rich media web design. We show you how to webcast live using our Media Portal Webcasting Service Platform to create flawless video within interactive collaborative websites. Launch a corporate web design to attract, interact with and excite visitors, compelling them to understand, act on and even share your message. We use our in-house digital video and web skills to create content that reflects your organization’s mission to accomplish your unique marketing, communication and branding goals. Our full time staff of in-house specialists work closely with you to complete your Web design, webcast production, video production in a cost-effective way.

We have a habit of exceeding expectations on every project.
We've always had a passion for discovering new markets and opportunities both, for us and our clients. When we get an idea, we research, ask questions, test and then implement new processes across a wide range of media technologies. But we are also immersed in the business models of our clients in an ongoing effort to provide you with leading-edge, creative avenues for successful marketing, production and design strategies. Example; In 1992 we were amongst the first Beta Testers for an editing system being developed by a small group of ex Grass Valley Group engineers. The system would soon be sold as the first Realtime Non-Linear Video Editing system - the Immix VideoCube. We owned one of the first REALTIME non-Linear video editing systems on the West Coast. We never looked back and have had Non-Linear edit suites for over 15 years.

We're still learning
We have continued to seek out and establish interesting entrepreneurial partnerships and to develop our own proprietary webcasting platforms, corporate learning management systems (LMS) and web applications. Nobody is offering the flexibility we offer with our Live Webcasting services. We do this in an effort to continually provide our clients with the most efficient processes to dynamically market and profit. Our Live Webcasting services are an example. Long relationships with such industry leaders as GoPro, Yahoo, Zeiss Meditec, Thoratec, Wells Fargo, EMC, 24 Hour Fitness, Roche and Robert Half reflect on our enthusiasm, vision, emphasis on service and in-depth understanding of our client's industries and their objectives.

From web design, web application development, e-commerce and on-line training, to HD video production, enterprise live webcasting and Final Cut editing, ICV Digital Media provides a unique full range of customized media services for our clients around the world. They trust ICV Digital Media to be their single-source partner for all of their design and production needs, and so can you. For over 20 years we've grown with our clients and evolved along with the changes in video, web and media technologies and trends. Our staff is expert in all aspects of Web development, internet applications, streaming video, HD Video production, post-production and delivery of content via all types of media.

ICV's client list spans all industries. Our work ranges from training, to entertainment and everything in-between. On network television, in the corporate boardroom or streaming on the Internet is where you'll see our work. We are expert at putting rich media, video and graphics together into a fresh web design that is both powerful and easy to use.

We want to help you add value and profit to your business. Call us at 925.426.8230

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